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MessageGate Reveals Email Myths

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- MessageGate, Inc., a leader in practical email governance, continues its ongoing fight against corporate email misinformation by identifying the top seven myths commonly associated with corporate email governance and controls. The myths stem from reoccurring misperceptions uncovered during MessageGate Activity Profile (MAP) customer audits.

Misinformation is dangerous when it comes to enterprise email governance, especially when combating data leakage in heavily-regulated corporate environments,” said Shaun Wolfe, CEO for MessageGate. “Falling victim to common email misperceptions wastes valuable IT time and budget, which is why MessageGate separates fact from fiction to deliver practical email controls. Our analysis often uncovers customer governance laid to waste due to common myths, especially sensitive data sent to unintended external recipients caused by email control gaps.”

The Top Seven Myths for Enterprise Email Governance:

1. My company does not have a data leakage problem.

In reality, all companies experience some form of data leakage. Most instances are non-malicious (research indicates that 80 percent of all data leaks are unintentional). Most breaches can be attributed to employees moving sensitive files to continue work from home. Web-based email is the biggest culprit, offering remote access outside of the corporate network. These unintentional data leaks must be addressed.

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