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Mendocino Embraces Near-CDP

Tired of fighting near-CDP vendors for customers' mindshare, CDP pioneer Mendocino Software is joining them.

Mendocino next week will announce it is adding the option to use near-CDP with its InfiniView CDP product, which is sold by Hewlett-Packard and other OEMs. (See New Wave of CDP Rolls In.) But while Mendocino is the first CDP vendor to hype this dual-mode capability, a few other CDP vendors support some type of near-CDP.

True CDP is real-time capture of each block- or file-level write operation, which lets customers go back to any point in time to recover information when data is lost due to a system crash or human error. Near-CDP offers less granular recovery, usually through frequent snapshots. True CDP vendors are finding customers don't need full CDP for all applications and can save storage space and CPU resources by using near-CDP when that is good enough.

While CDP vendors once looked at their near-CDP rivals as unwanted stepchildren, now they consider offering near-CDP as a good way to get their feet in customers' doors. (See Fine Granularities.)

InfiniView lets customers set policies to automatically switch from true to near-CDP for certain applications -- or after a specific number of days from when data is created. Mendocino marketing VP Eric Burgener says he anticipates customers using true CDP for the first several days after data is created, and then moving to near-CDP as that data ages.

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