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Maryhaven Relies on Unitrends

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Unitrends, a leading provider of innovative, integrated solutions that protect and restore critical data and systems, today announced that it has dramatically reduced the time for data backup and recovery and increased data availability for Maryhaven Center of Hope, a nonprofit healthcare organization providing life skills to more than 2,400 mentally and physically disabled adults and children. Unitrends Data Protection Units (DPUs) offer a convenient, reliable and robust multi-site disk-to-disk backup and data protection solution to Maryhaven’s main facility, two remote centers and more than 30 locations throughout Long Island and outlying communities.

“Protecting client information has always been a priority for us. However, managing a disparate IT infrastructure for a distributed workforce on a non-profit’s budget can be a daunting task,” said Patrick Velez, director of MIS at Maryhaven. “Maryhaven needed an IT solution that provided reliable, remote access to the business applications that run our organization, including a client database and class and workshop schedules, which are vital to enabling our staff to provide uninterrupted services to Maryhaven’s clients.”

The Unitrends disk-to-disk backup solution is deployed in Maryhaven’s data center and automatically backs up the non-profit’s Windows servers and distributed Novell environment. The backups are managed by a dedicated IT administrator from a central management console at headquarters, making the process more efficient and reliable.

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