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Mark Lewis, CDO, EMC

While wearing a variety of hats since jumping from Hewlett-Packard to EMC in 2002, Mark Lewis has been the unofficial point man for EMC's flurry of acquisitions. (See Lewis Quits HP for EMC and EMC Fortifies the Bench.)

Now, as chief development officer, Lewis is helping EMC put all the pieces together as part of its "One EMC" campaign to integrate more than 20 acquisitions in three years. (See Tucci Aims for 'One EMC'.)

We recently talked to Lewis about how he sees the pieces fitting together, and what EMC's product landscape will look like as a result. While the integration is well under way in many areas, Lewis cautions not to expect everything to be interlocked so soon.

"There's kind of a misperception about rapid integration that speed is always going to be the better way to go in acquisitions," Lewis says. "I don't believe that. When you buy companies, those companies have customers, and they bought into the company because of its values as a separate entity. We've done a lot of acquisitions. They led us to hold separate pieces of functionalities and sales forces. In the case of VMware, we are keeping it very separate." (See VMware to Spin Out.)

Following 22 major acquisitions, EMC execs have made it clear 2007 will be a year of integration. That is something investors and customers have been calling for. But Lewis says the integration work began long ago.

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