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Marathon Unveils HA Software

LITTLETON, Mass. -- Marathon Technologies today announced two new high availability software products, everRun VM Lockstep for Citrix® XenServerTM and everRun 2G, that help bring fault-tolerant computing to the mainstream. everRun VM Lockstep for Citrix XenServer is the industry’s first system-level fault-tolerant software-only solution for virtual environments. For the first time, organizations can run mission critical applications that require zero downtime and zero data loss on virtual servers – without special hardware. everRun 2G is Marathon’s next generation availability software platform developed to combine and extend the capabilities of their successful everRun HA and everRun FT products.

everRun VM Lockstep for Citrix XenServer is the industry’s first software-only product that provides full system-level fault-tolerant protection to applications running in virtual machines delivering zero downtime. If an entire server fails, everRun VM Lockstep ensures the application continues to run on another server in the virtual pool without disruption. This system-level protection eliminates downtime and data loss, and prevents transaction loss making it the first virtual server solution to satisfy zero-transaction-loss regulatory requirements. With the addition of system-level fault tolerance to everRun VM, Marathon now fulfils the promise of ‘dialable’ availability that can be tailored by VM workload from auto-restart high availability to full system fault tolerance. The new everRun VM software works with the free enterprise-ready, cloud-proven version of Citrix XenServer and Citrix Essentials™ for XenServer™, delivering industry-leading value to the market.

The combination of the new everRun VM and Citrix XenServer software is designed to benefit customers in the following ways:

• Organizations can run their most essential business critical - and now mission critical applications - on virtual servers

• With everRun VM and XenServer, virtualization and availability can be deployed for a lot less money and managed with considerably less IT resources

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