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Management Feeding Frenzy

All of the sudden, large hardware vendors appear to be falling over themselves to pick up a new range of cross-platform management software.

Today, Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ) completed the acquisition of Novadigm Inc.
as part of its efforts to strengthen its portfolio of OpenView management software. This came just 24 hours after IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM)
revealed its acquisition of data center software specialist Candle Corp. (see HP Completes Novadigm Purchase and IBM Holds a Candle).

So what's up? Quite simply, the larger vendors appear to be swooping in on these software companies to build a larger suite of tools to manage disparate parts of a data center, including various hardware and OS platforms.

Candles infrastructure management products, for example, cover a wide range of hardware and software, from IBM’s zSeries mainframe to the Unix, Linux, and Windows platforms.

OK, so the benefits to IBM and HP are pretty clear, but what does all this mean for end-users? The initial signs are positive.

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