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Luminex, ETI-NET Team

SAN MATEO, Calif. -- ETI-NET, Inc. and Luminex Software, Inc. today announced that they have partnered to deliver a virtual tape-based data sharing solution for mainframe data centers. Available now, the combined ETI-NET EZX/BackBox and Luminex Channel Gateway allows data centers to quickly and easily transfer and share data between Hewlett-Packard NonStop (Tandem) servers and IBM mainframes. Data sharing is seamless and requires no physical tapes or manual intervention, and recovers valuable CPU cycles on each host versus current TCP/IP transfer processes.

ETI-NET has a long and successful history of managing production-critical file transfers at over 800 NonStop server installations worldwide. These customers will greatly benefit from improved data transfer automation and data sharing functionality with IBM mainframe applications to meet their daily production needs. The ETI-NET EZX/BackBox and Luminex Channel Gateway combination is the ideal solution for these customers.

The EZX/BackBox sends and receives data from the HP NonStop server across a cluster of native SCSI or FC virtual tape devices, while the Luminex Channel Gateway sends and receives data from the IBM mainframe as native ESCON or FICON attached tape drives. Leveraging the proven BCOM file-transfer management software from ETI-NET on both the NonStop Server and IBM mainframe, the EZX/BackBox and Luminexs Channel Gateway function transparently for high-capacity, high-bandwidth automated data transfers between the two hosts.

“File interchange with IBM applications is a common requirement in the NonStop community. The extension of our successful EZX/BackBox architecture to include Luminex Channel Gateways creates the native path to these IBM applications without adding system complexity or overhead. Users will appreciate the ability to install this solution without the need to re-engineer their tape job streams,” said Andrew Hall, ETI-NET President.

Luminex Software Inc.