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Linux Creator Calls GPLv3 'Crusade'

Linux creator Linux Torvalds is continuing to distance himself from the philosophy behind the GNU General Public License (GPL) as it undergoes a second revision.

A draft of the latest version of the GNU GPL, called GPLv3, was released in January. The license, which is administered by the Free Software Foundation, was revised one other time, 15 years ago. Linux is licensed via the GPL.

While Torvalds said in a recent Web posting on a Linux kernel discussion board that he's not arguing against GPLv3 altogether, he used harsh enough words last week to create a stir and prompt online discussions about whether GPLv3 will have the broad support that earlier versions enjoyed.

This marks the second time Torvalds has gained attention for stating his views on the revision.

"I'm arguing that GPLv3 is wrong for me, and it's not the license I ever chose," he wrote.

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