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The Lighter Side of Symantec

LAS VEGAS -- Strange times here today, where a funky band welcomed bleary-eyed IT managers and journalists to Symantec Vision early this morning.

The musicians, it soon transpired, are a big part of this years conference, which is being run along the lines of a TV talk show, complete with comfy couch, presenter’s desk, and wise-cracking house band.

Stranger still, Steve Trilling, Symantec’s vice president of security technology, is the "Conan O’Brien" of this geeky alternate universe, where his guests will include his boss, John Thompson, and various other Symantec luminaries.

After some initial awkwardness, the Symantec exec seemed to warm to his new role as storage’s king of comedy. At one point Trilling showed a video where he chases unsuspecting people down the street, while shouting questions about information security and data centers through a bullhorn.

”To be honest, I was just happy to get through shooting that video without getting arrested or punched in the face,” he admitted, adding dryly that “it’s great to work for a company that offers such a range of diversity” in job tasks.

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