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LeftHand Unveils Virtual SAN Solutions

LAS VEGAS and BOULDER, Colo. -- LeftHand Networks, the leading provider of highly available iSCSI SANs that optimize virtual environments, today announced four new SAN solutions - Virtualization, Multi-Site and Starter SANs, and the SAN/iQ Remote Office Solution Pack. Powered by the company’s SAN/iQ® 8 storage software announced today in a separate release, the new SAN solutions provide enhanced scalability, performance and efficiency, as well as increased volume, snapshot and capacity utilization. The SAN/iQ Remote Office Solution Pack, which is included with the new Virtualization and Multi-Site SAN solutions at no additional cost, provides disaster recovery for up to ten remote sites. LeftHand Networks’ next-generation SANs go beyond traditional offerings and provide customers with dynamic physical and virtual storage capabilities.

“Flexible and fast-changing virtualized environments require equally flexible storage that can adapt and change in real time,” said Jorge Mata, chief information officer (provisional), Los Angeles Community College District. “LeftHand Networks’ agile SAN solutions make it easier than ever to deploy the high performance storage systems we need today and to scale them to meet our evolving business needs. With the latest features, LeftHand Networks’ solutions provide our colleges with key advantages such as non-disruptive configuration changes and greater availability that are essential in our virtualized, multi-site environment.”

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