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LeftHand Adds 10-GigE SANs

BOULDER, Colo. -- LeftHand Networks(R), the company that pioneered IP SANs, today unveils 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) SANs with support from industry leading switch, NIC and driver companies. This announcement validates iSCSI as an enterprise solution by delivering high performing SANs that can address demanding storage requirements such as disaster-recovery support for critical data while augmenting capacity to alleviate congestion and I/O bottlenecks. LeftHand is helping to lead a convergence among key suppliers of 10GbE equipment, services, and technology to deliver solutions that are easy to implement and affordable.

Support for 10GbE is part of a series of announcements that demonstrate LeftHand Networks' commitment to shifting the economic structure of the SAN marketplace through the availability of multiple SAN configurations to meet customer requirements and a growing list of supported hardware platforms.

"iSCSI solutions using conventional 1-gigabit-per-second Ethernet networking technology are proven and capable of supporting the performance, reliability and availability needs for today's critical applications for mid-tier enterprises. However, the push for the benefits inherent to 10 gigabit technology is upon us," said Dr. Claude Lorenson, group product manager, storage technologies at Microsoft Corporation. "LeftHand's clustered open iSCSI SAN approach and support for 10GbE enables the company to move to the forefront of iSCSI adoption in the enterprise particularly where storage decisions must align with data center infrastructure needs and high transactional environments."

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) has found that adopters of iSCSI solutions are very satisfied with the performance offered however, 26 percent of iSCSI planned adopters say they wouldn't purchase an iSCSI storage system without support for 10GbE. "This is a major milestone in the evolution of iSCSI,"
said Tony Asaro, senior analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group. "We've found that iSCSI performs as well as FC in head-to-head testing when comparing one gigabit Ethernet and two gigabit Fibre Channel. However, no matter how loud the industry beats the drum that iSCSI performs just as well as Fibre Channel, people are still confused. 10 gigabit Ethernet support for iSCSI takes any performance concerns off the table."

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