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Law Firm Taps Index Engines

HOLMDEL, N.J. - Index Engines, the leader in enterprise discovery solutions, today announced that Constantine & Aborn Advisory Services, LLC (CAAS), a premier litigation consulting company, has selected Index Engines as its technology provider of choice for the electronic discovery of backup tape data. By enabling the comprehensive search of backup tapes without first restoring the content, Index Engines streamlines the discovery process for CAAS and its customers, minimizing manpower and infrastructure requirements. CAAS has also released a whitepaper detailing the significant costs and challenges associated with accessing backup tape data without full content and metadata indexing technology.

“Without proper technology, the retrieval of eDiscovery data from backup tapes can be extraordinarily expensive,” said Richard E. Davis, Director of Litigation Risk Management Services for Constantine & Aborn Advisory Services LLC. “Our experience shows that it costs approximately $500 to restore a single backup tape. For a typical discovery scenario which calls for the searching of data from 500 users over four years, it would be common to have 5,000 backup tapes to restore for a total cost of $2,500,000 before data processing can even begin. Index Engines enables us to perform a complete content and metadata index of backup tapes, without ever restoring them, giving us a much less costly and time consuming method to extract responsive electronically stored information from backup tapes.”

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