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Latest Ehcache Brings Snap-In Terabyte Scale To Mainstream Applications

SAN FRANCISCO(BUSINESS WIRE) Terracotta, a recognized leader in infrastructure software for enterprise application performance and scalability, today announced the general availability of Ehcache 2.2. This latest version of Ehcache enables customers to store over a terabyte of data and hundreds of millions of entries in a single cache. In line with the company's philosophy of bringing high scale and availability to mainstream developers, the terabyte capability is available out of the box and does not require application code changes. It can be turned on with two simple lines of configuration in Ehcache. Ehcache 2.2 also features a new management console that simplifies application scale and helps improve performance by enhancing visibility and control for developers and operators.

Application scale and performance has become a front and center concern for most companies. Unfortunately, existing approaches to scale are expensive, complex and do not translate well across emerging deployment environments such as public or private clouds. Customers that deploy Ehcache find that not only can they achieve terabyte scale in a simple and non-disruptive manner, but they can also seamlessly scale from a single computer to large virtualized data center environments and private clouds.

"With Ehcache 2.2, tens of thousands of mainstream applications in the Global 2000 that use Ehcache or Hibernate can now snap-in the ability to scale their data to terabyte levels," said Amit Pandey, CEO of Terracotta. "To achieve this kind of scale out of the box, with so little effort, is unprecedented and has been received with tremendous enthusiasm by our community and customers."

    * Scale and Performance--New storage option for Ehcache that supports terabyte scale, radically decreases memory usage and increases the addressable cache size tenfold.
    * Authentication and Authorization--Added Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) support provides LDAP authentication support for tight integration to corporate user management systems.
    * Visibility and Control--Simplified and improved management console with new and updated control panels for Ehcache, Quartz Scheduler and Web Sessions, for application visibility and control; plus a new consolidated view of cluster-wide events to allow operators to identify problem nodes, as well as diagnose errors and performance problems.
    * Improved Multi-Data Center Support--Customizable support for cache replication between clusters in disparate geographic areas provides ideal solutions for data availability and disaster recovery across WANs (Wide Area Networks).
    * New Common Runtime Library--Reduces memory usage and network connections and provides new common developer constructs; it also exposes an API that programmers can use alongside the Ehcache API to perform complex inter-process coordination tasks across multiple machines with just a few lines of code.