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Juniper's Kriens Stuck On Traffic

LAS VEGAS -- Interop -- Just days after coughing up $469 million for Redline Networks Inc. and Peribit Networks Inc., Juniper Networks Inc.s (Nasdaq: JNPR) CEO Scott Kriens shared some insight into his grand plans for the hardware vendor at a packed meeting of partners at Interop here.

Traffic processing is clearly the name of the game for Juniper. The company, he said, aims to handle application traffic from the moment a user presses "enter" on a device, through the data center and the application processor, and then out through the transmission line.

Kriens, who started his speech by telling attendees about his early career as a calculator salesman, did not give any indication of Juniper’s future M&A plans. But he said there are still “billions and billions of dollars” to be made in the traffic processing market.

”When it comes to the acquisitions we made last week, we bought a couple of companies and spent half a billion dollars exactly in the center of this space,” he said.

Kriens now plans to remedy the shortcomings within the current technology landscape. ”Applications were never meant to reach over distances and they were never built to run through Web interfaces to reach the browsers on the devices."

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