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ITSM Platforms Gain Artificial Intelligence

Intent-based Networking
(Image: Pixabay)

Your IT service management platform and related tools are the workhorses and frameworks of operating any kind of successful IT organization, providing a way to track work, prioritize tasks, and make sure user issues get solved. It may not be the most glamorous technology in your organization's tech stack, but it gets the job done.

Yet today even ITSM and related tools and platforms are poised to change in a significant way -- driven by the data revolution.

"IT is where digital transformation begins, and we are a powerful strategic partner for CIOs all over the world," said Bill McDermott, in his first earnings call on January 29 as CEO of ServiceNow, which provides ITSM and other tools and frameworks to the IT industry. McDermott joined ServiceNow in October 2019 from SAP where he also served as CEO. "CIOs are struggling with fragmented legacy technology, instead of delivering the experiences their employees and customers really need, our IT workflows provide a stable platform from planning to operations to service management."

As part of the effort to help IT organizations scale the challenges ahead, ServiceNow has announced two acquisitions of artificial intelligence startups over the last few weeks. The two deals represent a larger trend in the IT tools space. Just as artificial intelligence will expand to underpin much of organizational technology, it will also underpin tools such as IT service management systems.

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