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It's All in the Name

5:00 PM -- Is it just me, or are job titles in the IT industry getting longer and longer? I came upon an absolute beauty yesterday whilst perusing my daily slew of press releases. Yes, Gentle Reader, there is a Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) exec who apparently revels in the title: Vice President of Federal Decision Makers Achieving Progress in Security Compliance, Federal Operations.” (I put the comma in – it’s always good to break up long sentences -- lets you breathe.) (See Gov't Makes FISMA Progress.)

Initially, I wondered whether some crazed hacker had started inserting random words into the press release, but no, it would appear that this is an actual job title (as we all know, press releases never lie). Impressive, eh? Bruce Klein (you of the mega-moniker) -- you are a very lucky man, I can only marvel at the size of your business card.

Do you or any of your acquaintances possess a job title to die for? Drop me an email at [email protected], and I will share them with the rest of Storageland.

— James Rogers, Witchfinder General, Byte and Switch