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IPO Talk Twirls Around Topspin

Mountain View, Calif.-based startup Topspin Communications Inc., is a solid IPO candidate, thanks to its position in one of the hottest departments of the data center market, according to analysts.

At a time when companies are looking to pool their resources through grids and clusters, connectivity is proving to be a major issue for data center managers (see Philadelphia Stories). Analysts believe that Topspin, which provides switches and software to link servers via a range of data center protocols, is well positioned to exploit this growing trend.

Arun Taneja, founder of analyst firm Taneja Group., says, I think that we are going to start seeing IPOs starting towards the end of this year. Topspin could be a candidate for something like that.”

For Taneja, the company's background in InfiniBand will be key. “The way things are shaping up, I think that InfiniBand will have a larger play in some of the wider architectures, like Sun’s N1, IBM’s On Demand, and HP’s Adaptive Computing,” he says.

John Humphreys, research manager for high-performance computing at IDC, has also been tracking the company's progress with interest. "Topspin has picked up on the grid computing and the utility computing trend," he notes. "They could be a leading candidate for an IPO, or even an acquisition."

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