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IPLocks Gets Patent

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- IPLocks, a leading provider of
database security and compliance solutions that protect business
critical information, today announced the award of a U.S. Patent for
its "Method and Apparatus for Monitoring a Database System." This
invention permits monitoring database systems from an external
application or apparatus.

"We are pleased that IPLocks has been granted such a distinctive and
one of a kind patent,"
said Adrian Lane, CTO of IPLocks. "This technology enables IPLocks and
our customers to determine the integrity, authenticity and accuracy of
the data, and database usage. While database vendors have offered a
type of this service built into their product, we are the first to
provide an independent third party service to monitor heterogeneous
databases. We feel that gathering data from the database server and not
the network is fundamentally the right choice."

IPLocks Inc.