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Iomega Rolls Multitude Of Features Into SMB Appliance

Iomega has released the next generation of its StorCenter desktop NAS device. Targeted at the small office and home office markets, the StorCenter ix2-200 adds a significant number of hardware and software features that will appeal to businesses and consumers alike, and at an attractive price point. The ix2-200 is available in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB models, with a list price starting at $270.
On the hardware front, the ix2-200 now features removable hard drives, a quiet fan and a front control panel that enables one touch backups. Also new to the appliance are low power hard drives that can automatically spin down when not in use, making the ix2-200 less power hungry then its predecessors. The three USB ports support attached printers, flash media, cameras, and even an optional Bluetooth module to transfer or backup mobile phones. 
The software updates, however, is where the ix2-200 really shines and these are what allow the new product to straddle the fence between personal and business use. For the office, the ix2-200 now features iSCSI support, is certified as VMWare ready, and supports integration with Windows Active Directory, along with traditional support for Windows, Linux and Mac environments. Mac users get additional support on the ix2-200, with new Time Machine support for backing up OSX clients. Through the ix2-200's web interface, the appliance can be scheduled to back itself up to a locally attached drive or across the local network to another network drive.
Unfortunately, the only thing missing from Iomega's backup solution is native support for EMC's own Mozy online backup, though Iomega suggests that they are looking into this option. The appliance goes beyond typical network storage by offering native support of the popular Axis IP cameras, enabling the NAS to be the hub for real-time and storage video monitoring. Even some of the consumer features have applications for small businesses. For example, the ix2-200 can function as an AV media streamer; instead of pushing music to a consumer's PC, it could be used as a low cost alternative to more expensive digital signage solution for businesses.
Ultimately, the ix2-200 highlights the capabilities of Iomega, now a part of storage vendor EMC. The marriage of the ix2-200 with EMC's LifeLine software with the Iomega offers a good number of enterprise features in a scale that most small businesses and many home users can appreciate.