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Iomega Announces DR Services

SAN DIEGO -- Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data storage and security services, today announced its new Iomega Data Recovery Services in Europe. This new service, already available in the U.S., offers European businesses and consumers a comprehensive solution for recovering data lost due to hardware failure, file corruption, or media damage regardless of the brand of the product.

When a primary or backup system fails, Iomega Data Recovery Services provides a risk-free assessment of recovery options for critical data, regardless of the problem, including a hard drive crash, a forgotten password, unreadable tape, controller failure, damaged disks or cartridges, or an accidentally deleted or overwritten file.

"Whether it’s a small business or a individual user, having a data backup plan is essential for protecting digital files and ensuring data continuity,” said Mike Nikzad, Vice President of Operations & Customer Satisfaction, Iomega Corporation. “Unfortunately even a good back-up plan does not provide complete protection against all data disasters. That's why businesses and consumers need a reliable partner when data disaster strikes. With Iomega Data Recovery Services, our customers can turn to Iomega for industry-leading quality and responsive customer service in helping them through the crisis."

Iomega Corp.