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InventThings Intros Katchall

WATSONVILLE, Calif. -- InventThings, a 20 year old software consulting company, announced today the release of its first commercial software package, Katchall Archive.

"This software will be a boon to anyone who creates valuable information with their computer," stated company president Larry Dick, who provided these examples:

  • No more disasters due to "Saving" instead of "Ctrl-Save".
  • No more longing to revisit old versions of files that have long since been overwritten.
  • No more "dumpster diving" through stacks of vaguely labeled CDs.

Katchall Archive captures every change to files on XP-based PCs. The difference between the old and new versions of a file is computed, compressed and then saved allowing a user to recover any version of a file. A restored file has a time stamp attached to the name to distinguish it from the most recent version. Any version of any file can be restored. The space consumed by Katchall Archive is minimal, particularly when compared to the cost of disk storage.

Dave Sharp of Sharpwit Web Consulting says, "Katchall Archive is easy to install, inexpensive, and once installed does backups of critical files in the background while you work on other things. Installation is automatic, and presto you have an automatic backup program."

Katchall Archive