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Intel's Storage Push

Intel is poised to make a massive push into storage over the next year with a wide range of NAS, SAN, and JBOD storage appliances for the system builder community, CRN has learned.

It’s all part of a move by Intel to not only strengthen its storage offerings, but also its presence in the custom-system space, said John Samborski, vice president of system builder Ace Computers, Arlington Heights, Ill.

“Intel is trying to strengthen the channel,” Samborski said. “It’s trying to not be tied to the Hewlett-Packards and the Dells of the world. Dell’s a great Intel customer. But I’m sure Dell is trying to extract some kind of loyalty reward from Intel.”

For many custom-system solution providers, Intel offers them their first opportunity to get into the storage market, Samborski said. “There are a lot of people out there who didn’t do servers before Intel brought out its server line,” he said. “The same thing will happen with storage. Intel is a trusted brand. They have a lot of brand equity. You can’t buy that kind of equity.”

According to a copy of Intel’s storage road map viewed by CRN, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based vendor plans to follow its SSR212MA array, a 2U 12-drive SAN appliance introduced late last year, with a new SMB SAN appliance. Code-named Pyramid Peak, the appliance, expected to be released in the first half of this year, is slated to fit 12 Serial ATA hard drives in a 2U enclosure.

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