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Intellipath Dines on Brocade Leftovers

A former McData executive has launched a startup based on technology purchased from Brocade. (See Intellipath Acquires Switch Family.)

Peter Dougherty, ex-VP of McData's CNT integration team, who also oversaw McData's Sphereon and Eclipse products and worked in business development at the firm, has raised $6.5 million in Series A funding to start IntelliPath Corp. The funding covers the price of an old CNT/McData matrix switch product line called the Universal Connectivity System (UCS).

Actually, "old" is a misapplied adjective for UCS, which still has a significant following. Indeed, there are over 1 million ports of UCS installed, and IntelliPath's ready-made -- and partial -- customer list includes AT&T/BellSouth, Verizon, EMC, EDS, Sprint, Raytheon, Bank of America, Chevron, Dow Jones, and a range of other big names.

One of these, Brocade, had nothing to say about the sale of UCS, nor did a spokesperson respond to inquiries at press time. But the switching line is only one of the products that may be up for sale now that Brocade has revamped its wares following the McData integration. (See Brocade Closes Out McData.)

Challenges abound. Despite the impressive list of users, even Dougherty acknowledges that UCS, now dubbed the UCS 2900, may be perceived as an unsexy product in these heady days of more complicated virtualization. It is a large, automated patch panel for the physical connection of fiber and copper LAN, SAN, MAN, and WAN connections and interfaces. Its claim to fame is its ability to automate cable configuration in a network, streamlining physical-layer management and network testing.

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