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Intel Mac Boots Windows XP

The Texas man who jumped-started the effort to get Windows XP to dual-boot on Intel-based Macs posted the winning solution on his site Thursday, and said the contest's cash prize of nearly $14,000 had been won by a pair of Californians.

In January, Colin Nederkoorn of Houston began taking donations for a prize to be awarded to the first developer who came up with a way to boot an Intel Mac into either Mac OS X or Windows XP. Within days, he had raised thousands.

Nederkoorn had a selfish reason for the contest: He wanted to downsize from two machines -- a PowerPC-based Mac and a PC running Windows -- that he was using at work to just one, an Intel MacBook Pro he'd ordered as soon as Apple debuted the new systems.

"I'm overwhelmed that a solution was found within the time limit," said Nederkoorn. "It's really been an emotional roller coaster. At one point I had no clue if anyone was even working on it, but then two weeks ago things started moving."

Nederkoorn had set a March 23 deadline -- later extended to March 30 -- for a dual-boot solution, and had promised that if no one came up with an answer, he would donate the money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

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