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InMage to Run on Brocade-Based SANs

InMage Systems is preparing an agentless version of its DR-Scout CDP-based replication solution to be sold as an add-on to Brocade-based SANs.

The product will be released as firmware for Brocade departmental and director switches at an unspecified time in 2008, according to John Ferraro, CEO of InMage. It also will interact with the host-based version of DR-Scout.

The plan is in line with the company's stated vision of providing both host-based agents that work with out-of-band appliances on a LAN, as well as in-band, switch-based solutions for SANs. Up to now, though, InMage has only implemented its host-based product, and officials haven't been specific about switch-based plans.

"We are hearing increasing demand for SAN-based solutions, even though the host-based approach is not going away," said InMage co-founder and chief strategy officer Kumar Malavalli in an interview with Byte and Switch last month. Though he did not divulge details of InMage's plans to port software to a switch at the time, he said SAN-based use of the InMage data protection software could benefit users who resist host agents. Also, a switch-based approach could be more scaleable and provide users a better way to manage storage in multiple locations.

While a Brocade spokesperson would not comment on the potential for any future add-on products from current or future partners, the potential for an integral InMage firmware agent for Brocade switches dovetails with Brocade's commitment to its Data Center Fabric strategy, announced this week. That plan calls for Brocade switches (some not yet released) to act as the linchpins for unifying and consolidating management of LAN-attached servers and SANs in a multiprotocol environment.

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