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InMage Hauls Back Pillar Announcement

InMage pulled its approval of an announcement about a reseller agreement with Pillar -- after the news had gone out. Then, in an odd reversal, the release finally went out anyway, apparently about a longstanding reseller arrangement that has been common knowledge anyway.

InMage representatives sent a statement about a reseller arrangement between the two suppliers to journalists Friday night, saying that it would be officially distributed Feb. 25. But over the weekend, InMage CEO John Ferraro and CTO Rajeev Atluri apparently had second thoughts.

"We still plan to announce a partnership. But, not all aspects of the partnership have been worked out and they felt more comfortable delaying the announcement for now," stated InMage director of marketing Tom Urban, in an email to Byte and Switch.

At least two sources say it's common knowledge that Pillar already has a relationship with InMage -- making this announcement confusing.

"Pillar has had to rely on external replication," said StorageIO analyst Greg Schulz. "They've had a relationship with InMage for a long time."

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