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Infortrend Unveils Arrays

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Building on the success of its iSCSI-to-SATA RAID subsystems, networked storage expert Infortrend(r) today announced the world's first external iSCSI to SAS/SATA RAID arrays with four Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports on each controller: the EonStor(r) (ES) S16E-G1130 single-controller and S16E-R1130 redundant-controller subsystems. With these 3U, 16-bay arrays, organizations can achieve best-in-class performance while benefiting from the affordability and straightforward management of IP SANs.

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Faced with the continuing need for greater storage capacity and the complexity that traditionally accompanies such growth, many organizations decide to implement a SAN built on a Fibre Channel or iSCSI infrastructure in order to consolidate data for improved manageability and data accessibility. Budget-conscious companies tend to choose iSCSI as it leverages the existing investment in an Ethernet network, and does not require complicated maintenance or high-priced peripheral devices. Among available iSCSI RAID devices, Infortrend's EonStor S16E subsystems stand out for three main advantages:

  • Performance: combining multiple host channels into a portal group
    increases the applicable bandwidth of each iSCSI session. In an
    end-to-end RAID5 configuration with two host channels combined into
    a portal group, the S16E can achieve 215MBps reads and 201MBps
    writes; when four host channels are combined, the performance can
    be further improved to 380MBps reads and 250MBps writes.
  • Scalability: the S16E allows users to start with the storage
    capacity they currently need and scale up to a massive 80TB as more
    capacity is required.
  • Flexibility: users have the flexibility to populate the S16E with a
    mix of SAS and SATA drives in order to build a tiered storage
    environment: SAS drives for often-accessed, business-critical data
    and SATA drives for backup or archives.

"The S16E RAID array is an ideal choice for both SMB and enterprise environments," said Thomas Kao, director of global product planning at Infortrend Technology Inc. "The S16E is an easy entry point for companies looking to transition from Direct Attached Storage to a Storage Area Network, while enterprise users can utilize its enhanced performance to implement an IP SAN for add-on or second-tier storage. With its high performance, ease of management, flexibility, simplicity and affordability, the S16E embodies a powerful new force in the iSCSI RAID market."

Infortrend Technology Inc.