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Incipient Works With Windows

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Incipient, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-class network storage virtualization and data migration software, today announced that its iNSP software suite has demonstrated compatibility with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and earned its Windows Server 2003 qualification. To earn its qualification, Incipient designed a plug-in to Microsoft MPIO (multipathing I/O driver) which enables compatibility between iNSP software and the Windows Server 2003 family of products. Support for Windows MPIO broadens iNSP's multipathing interoperability which also includes Device Mapper on Linux, MPxIO on Solaris, Symantec DMP, and EMC PowerPath.

"Support for MPIO and other multipathing products such as EMC PowerPath, preserves customer investments in host-based drivers while easing the deployment of storage virtualization" said Robert Infantino, senior vice president of Marketing and Alliances, Incipient, Inc. "One of the benefits of supporting EMC PowerPath and other multipathing drivers is companies can now leverage storage virtualization to introduce lower cost multi-vendor tiered storage without changes to the host-based driver stack, thereby reducing capital expenditures for SAN storage."

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