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Incipient Automates Data Migration

Incipient has detoured from its storage virtualization charter with a new product it claims will reduce enterprise data migration costs dramatically.

The Waltham, Mass.-based startup, which has garnered nearly $95 million in funding, has been patiently building sales among large enterprises for its storage virtualization product, the Incipient Network Storage Platform (iNSP). Now, it is hitting the streets with something it hopes will sell a lot faster.

The Incipient Automated Data Migration package (iADM) is software that sits on a host computer in a SAN (running any of the leading OSs) and automatically discovers information about SAN elements in order to automatically move data from one host or array to another using any vendor's data mover software. A network-based appliance is also offered for those who prefer that approach.

Unlike iNSP, iADM does not perform any virtualization, although it will work with virtualized storage from iNSP. Instead, its task is to act as a kind of process automation tool for data migrations, seeking out where volumes are, determining which machines to map those volumes to, and then accomplishing the changeover.

At least one analyst, who asked not to be named, thinks iADM is unique. "Nobody else has automated the process of data migration, not EMC, not IBM," says the analyst. "You can automate some ILM tasks with software like Moonwalk's, but you can't automate the actual migration of data from one array to another."

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