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iland Adds Hosted VMware

HOUSTON -- Businesses seeking to have their IT systems hosted and managed with the assurance of exceptional data protection, redundancy and recovery can now turn to ilands High Availability Hosted VMware Solutions. These solutions allow customers to host multiple operating systems and applications in geographically dispersed, fully redundant data centers in the United States and Europe. iland’s VMware solutions have been quickly gaining the attention of customers, with more than 250 virtual machines deployed prior to today’s formal announcement of the solutions. iland’s Hosted High Availability VMware Solutions provide customers with exceptional reliability and data protection while streamlining the data center environment and reducing operating costs including space, power and equipment.

Customers along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts rely on iland’s disaster recovery offerings for indemnity during hurricane seasons, and also value them as a key differentiator. “iland saved our business communications during and after hurricane Gustav,” said Joseph Wiley, network administrator at K-TEK, which is headquartered in Prairieville, LA. “They kept all our employees and divisions up and running worldwide, and our customers never knew we skipped a beat.” Wiley went on to acknowledge iland’s “great customer service, from the CEO to the technician,” as a significant benefit of iland solutions.

iland’s fully redundant infrastructure is built in a VMware VI Enterprise environment on a VMware ESX platform, which offers redundancy at the hardware, network, and data center levels. To ensure data is always available, even in the worst disasters, iland offers customers a ‘stand by’ service option which creates backup copies of the customer’s virtual machines. Once configured, these backups can be sent to iland to be housed on their Managed Storage Area Network (SAN). iland also has real-time disaster recovery failover options that require minimal staff intervention. In the event of an emergency or disaster, customers can immediately failover to the virtual machines.

“iland removes the burden and complexity issues of IT so customers can concentrate on their business,” said Brian Ussher, president of iland Internet Solutions. “We offer the most complete solution to handle every data center requirement. Whether a customer is running a blended colocation and virtualized environment, transitioning to a new virtualized environment or operating on an existing virtual environment we have the solutions in place to ensure data is safe and clients are always up and running.”