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IDT Intros Interconnect

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- IDT (Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:IDTI), a leading provider of vital semiconductor solutions, today announced the industry’s first PCI Express®-based (PCIe®) system interconnect solution to predictably and efficiently manage all communications throughout the system while providing full-line rate throughput, reliability and high quality of service. The new devices are optimized to meet the capacity, scalability and predictable throughput requirements demanded by bladed system providers for consistent high performance and flexible system resource sharing. This robust solution - which includes the industry’s first 64 lane and 16 port device - enables equipment providers to use PCIe as the primary high performance system interconnect for demanding server, storage, communications and embedded applications.

The seven new PCIe switches broaden the already industry-leading IDT family of PCIe system solutions to a total of seventeen. Three of the new devices are PCIe-based system interconnect switches that manage communications between roots and intelligent endpoints throughout a bladed system. Ranging from an 8-port, 32-lane configuration on the low end to the industry’s largest monolithic PCIe switch with 16 ports and 64 lanes, the IDT switches offer unprecedented levels of switching capacity and system scalability and provide predictable, full-line rate performance for multiple simultaneous traffic flows regardless of system loading. The remaining four devices are new inter-domain PCI Express switches. This new class of switching solutions consists of both two and three port devices that support address translation and non-transparent bridging between PCI Express domains.

The IDT system interconnect solution surpasses simple peer-to-peer switching by offering robust support for communication between multiple roots and providing constructs for I/O virtualization and sharing that leverage today’s PCI Express processors and endpoints.

Like other established IDT PCIe solutions, these devices have been optimized for low power. In fact, this family offers the lowest power consumption per port of any PCIe system switching solution available in the market today, enabling scalable and increasingly dense bladed system architectures and reducing the total cost of ownership by significantly minimizing system thermal management requirements.

“We have worked closely with top-tier system OEMs to ensure our interconnect architecture supports their increasing needs for scalability and flexibility,” said Mario Montana, vice president and general manager of the IDT Serial Switching Division. “Our 64 lane/16 port device – the largest device available today – is already enjoying great traction with our customers. We are pleased to offer them a system interconnect solution with performance and advanced functionality that far exceeds the modest capabilities of the peer-to-peer switches commonly used today.”

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