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IDatix, Nexsan in Pact

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- iDatix Corporation, an emerging leader of Business Automation Software, and Nexsan Technologies, the leader in innovative and secure storage solutions, announced today the formation of a strategic alliance that is intended to drive significant benefits to mutual clients through product interoperability and integration shipping in each company's products today. Nexsan's Assureon Archive Appliance products provide complete security and compliance for document and information solutions built on the iDatix iSynergy platform.

Specific products at the center of the integration effort include iDatix iSynergy and Nexsan's Assureon Archive Appliances.

The result of this collaboration will now enable iDatix iSynergy users to seamlessly maintain an encrypted and compliant content repository stored on the Assureon Archive Appliances - extending the inherent benefits of iSynergy with improvements in the area of security, performance throughput and fault tolerance provided through the Assureon devices. Customers can now confidently implement a turn-key solution for managing all of a company's business information through the total document and data lifecycle.

As part of the integration effort, iDatix has extended its product certification of the Nexsan family of mass storage solutions, including the SATA High Density Storage Systems and the Assureon Archive System and Appliances.

Assureon is a part of the next generation of compliant archive components that allow the users of Information Management solutions to secure access to all information. It provides: High availability, greater speed, simplified deployment, encrypted repository, meets the Write-One and un-alterable media requirements for compliance, and enforces retention periods with no privileged permissions capable if altering or deleting the content.

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