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IBM Speeds GM Crash Tests

General Motors Corp. has installed a gigantic IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM)
supercomputer at its Michigan data center to slash the time spent processing data from expensive crash tests.

Previously, it took GM engineers three days to calculate the results of the tests. With the new computer, GM hopes to halve that turnaround.

The high-tech beast, which comprises 128 Power-4 processor-based pSeries servers, can operate at a top speed of 9 teraflops, or 9 trillion calculations per second.

GMs previous supercomputer, which was also supplied by IBM, was capable of 4.5 teraflops.

But what of the cost savings? GM claims that the supercomputer can, in some cases, reduce the amount of time taken to bring a vehicle to market from 48 to 18 months. But GM won't say what it paid for the computer.

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