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IBM To Release Full Notes For Linux

IBM is making a full Notes client available for Linux a bit earlier than expected.

While IBM has long been an ardent Linux proponent and promised full support for Macintosh, Linux and Windows clients in its next release code-named Project Hannover, the company has accelerated the Linux piece. A Notes client for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Update 3, will be available on July 24, with a version for Novell SUSE Linux Desktop for Enterprise 10 version due within 90 after that, IBM said.

Volume licensees can download the client code from their Passport site. Technically this Linux client is a Version 7 release. The current version of Notes is Version 7.01

Some observers say the company is taking advantage of the well-publicized difficulties Microsoft has had in delivering Vista, its next Windows client operating system. Vista is now due widely early next year, although many expect there will be further delay.

"We said Hannover will have an absolute equal Linux, Windows, Mac strategy. Underlying that is our transition to rich eclipse platform under Notes. With this particular news, we still have native Windows and Mac version but have introduced an Eclipse rich platform-based version for the Linux client now," said Arthur Fontaine, senior offering manager for IBM.

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