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IBM Launches RFID Technology

DALLAS -- Today, at the RFID World Conference, IBM (NYSE:IBM - News) will unveil Radio Frequency Identification software that unlocks business insight from the information explosion created by RFID tags embedded throughout the supply chain, empowering companies to identify entirely new business opportunities and breaking through to the next phase in the evolution of RFID.

The new WebSphere RFID Premises Server 6.0 aggregates and analyzes massive amounts of RFID and other sensor information from every corner of an enterprise. It then applies built-in business logic, and leveraging a Services Oriented Architecture, integrates that valuable raw data with enterprise applications, such as ERP or billing systems. This open architecture means that data can be seamlessly connected with business processes, allowing companies to use and capitalize on RFID.

More than ever before, companies can now use valuable data from remote locations, such as distribution centers or stores, to create and manage RFID solutions based on real business scenarios, drive new revenue streams and drive out costs.

"The advantage of using IBM's open architecture is that the information is stored in a manner that is useful for a number of different applications," said Shay Reid, AmerisourceBergen Vice President for Integrated Solutions. "For instance, AmerisourceBergen and our trading partners that also use this evolving standard architecture will be able to meet state and federal pedigree requirements by creating pedigrees for prescription drugs on demand. Furthermore, the IBM WebSphere products will enable AmerisourceBergen to provide near real time receiving and shipping information to manufacturers, as well as more closely track inventory and product demand."

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