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IBM Announces Asset Recovery

ARMONK, N.Y. -- IBM Global Financing (IGF) (NYSE:IBM - News) is today announcing a new set of asset recovery offerings as part of "The Project Big Green" campaign to help clients with less energy efficient data centers step up to greener technologies. The new suite of packaged offerings provides a focused, no-hassle approach for data center owners to upgrade to more energy-efficient technology.

"IBM is making it easier for data center owners to go green with new, more energy efficient technology," said John Callies, general manager of IBM Global Financing. "Before a client can upgrade the business has to develop a plan to get rid of the older technology. IBM is providing the tools to help companies make that first step towards solving the energy crisis in their data centers."

The IGF "Go Green in my Data Center" Program includes:

-- Free Data Center Server disposal for US customers upgrading to new IBM
Energy Efficient servers through end of the second quarter. Disposal is
compliant with applicable federal, state and local environmental laws and

-- Disk wiping services utilizing DOD overwrite standards to help protect
data on all Intel-based servers.

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