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HP Says New Data Center Architecture Offers Huge Energy Savings

While it appears to be more of a proof of concept for now, Hewlett-Packard's new sustainable data center architecture will be among the offerings showcased at its client event, HP Discover, next week in Las Vegas. HP Net-Zero Energy Data Center will reportedly cut total power usage by 30%, and utility and power costs by more than 80%.

Net-Zero is intended to operate without requiring net energy from traditional power grids, which opens the possibility of putting data centers anywhere, according to the vendor. In a prepared statement, Cullen Bash, distinguished technologist at HP and interim director of the sustainable ecosystems research Group at HP Labs, said there are two primary benefits to the approach: It minimizes the environmental impact of computing and reduces data center energy costs.

HP says the architecture integrates energy and cooling resources with IT workload planning with the use of four modules:

  • Prediction: Forecasts the availability and costs of resources.
  • Planning: Balances workload scheduling with operational goals.
  • Execution: Manages workloads and energy consumption.
  • Verification and Reporting: Verifies that the plan and execution is in sync, and reports back If they aren't.

According to the vendor's white paper, "Towards the Design and Operation of Net-Zero Energy Data Centers," while the initial results from Net-Zero are very encouraging, additional research is required to meet the overall goal of achieving net-zero energy over a data center's life cycle. "Future work will involve adding embedded energy cost to our architecture and scaling out our solution. We are also actively investigating how to co-locate critical and non-critical workloads simultaneously on a minimal set of IT equipment ... an important next step in achieving a cost effective net-zero energy data center."

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