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HP Puts Weight Behind RDX Storage

ProStor Systems announced this week that it has inked a deal with HP to provide its RDX technology for the companys ProLiant servers and xw-series workstations in a bid to boost removable storage and put tape back on its heels.

As part of the deal, RDX will be a complimentary addition to its HP ProLiant servers and the vendor will offer HP StoreWorks-branded RDX removable disk cartridges in 160-Gbyte and 320-Gbyte capacities.

ProStor Systems, which is a former Byte & Switch Top 10 Startup, has been extremely proactive in increasing RDX media capacities and trying its hardest to supplant tape as the chosen form of removable storage. Just last year, the company’s RDX technology previously offered a maximum capacity of 300 Gbytes, but ProStor now offers a certified 500-Gbyte drive with more improvements on the way.

ProStor’s RDX offerings, which comprises a "dock" and 2.5-inch removable disk cartridge has been touted by the company as a possible tape-replacement technology.

“Disk drives are constantly increasing in capacity and we’re keeping up,” says Chris Bukowski, ProStor’s senior product marketing manager. “By the end of this year, we should have a 750-Gigabyte cartridge available, and in the next 18 months, we will have a Terabyte cartridge.”

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