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HP, IBM Pass Tests

SILICON VALLEY, Calif. -- HP, IBM and Quantum, the three technology provider companies (TPCs) for the Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Program, today announced that HP and IBM have completed the LTO Ultrium format generation 4 compliance and data interchangeability testing process. With this qualification, HP and IBM will be authorized to display the LTO Ultrium format generation 4 logo on their tape drives.

In adherence to its compliance testing, the LTO Program requires that all licensees pass a series of compliance verification tests, which call for data interchangeability testing before being issued a license and the right to display the LTO Ultrium trademark. Compliance testing of all Ultrium products is completed annually to help ensure that all manufacturers adhere to the LTO Ultrium format specifications. Buyers seeking Ultrium format-compliant products should look for the LTO Ultrium format trademark logo on both tape drives and data cartridges.

LTO Ultrium generation 4 delivers the features that storage customers require, including 256-Bit encryption for added security of offsite media, and higher capacities to support their ever-growing data storage needs. This is another key milestone to have successfully passed the LTO Program’s compliance verification tests,” said Bob Wilson, vice president, Nearline Storage Division, HP.

“The ability to introduce products that fully comply with the LTO Ultrium specification and support data security with tape drive encryption allows our customers to take advantage of the open format flexibility, total cost of ownership and investment protection benefits of LTO generation 4 technology,” said Cindy Grossman, vice president, IBM Tape Systems.

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