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HP Hauls In Trustgenix

In buying security specialist Trustgenix Inc. Wednesday, Hewlett-Packard is looking to bolster its OpenView storage management software. (See HP to Buy Trustgenix.)

And in that vein, the decision to combine Trustgenixs identity management technology and OpenView makes good sense, especially as HP looks to tighten management across a range of different data center devices. The deal follows the acquisition of storage management specialists AppIQ Inc. and Peregrine Systems Inc. earlier this year. (See HP Chomps AppIQ & Peregrine.)

With new cyber security threats emerging daily, users are scrambling to lock down their storage systems. Controlling who gets access is fast becoming a key part of this effort. (See CERT Says Phishers Get Craftier and Identity Management Heats Up.)

Trustgenix’s flagship offering is IdentityBridge, software that links different identity management systems. The goal here is to remove the need for end-users to re-key passwords and user names as they move across an organization’s different systems.

An IT manager at a West Coast Web hosting company, who asked not to be named, thinks centralized identity management is becoming increasingly important to users. “There’s a tremendous amount of administrative overhead brought with all these different sign-ons,” he says.

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