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HP Beefs Up BSM

HP announced that they enhanced their Business Service Management (BSM) solution and this will likely kickoff a battle of 'Who Has the Best BSM Solution' in the big enterprise management vendors.
BSM is really all about integration. All the large vendors offer similar components that help IT managers examine the overall health of their business services across networks, servers and applications. At the end of the day, the BSM products link infrastructure performance to end-user monitoring and process automation.

What is unique with HP, is that they have synchronized major upgrades to HP Operations Center 8.0, HP Network Management Center 8.0, HP Business Availability Center 7.0 and HP Universal Configuration Management Database (CMDB) 7.0 all tied to a larger BSM upgrade.

For enterprise organizations already running many of these products it is worth taking a look at how the products can be integreated and provide you a more holistic picture of your environment.

The major upgrades to HP's existing tools in conjunction with HP's addition of Mercury and Opsware into their management suite provide some compelling solutions to organizations that are seeking more knowledge around the business impact to performance and fault issues.