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How The Faces Of Unix Keep Changing


IBM is at work on AIX version 5.4, due sometime next year. While Unix generally is good at balancing workloads across multi-CPU servers and server clusters, AIX 5.4 will take that a step further by balancing processing workloads across virtual machines.

The release will include workload-management technology that came with IBM's 2005 acquisition of Meiosys Inc. and high-availability and security improvements. Customers are expected to have access to some new features this spring at IBM's new AIX Collaboration Center in Austin, Texas. "We want to pull ISVs and selected customers inside the tent, into the development process," says IBM VP Karl Freund. So will IBM create an open-source version of AIX along the lines of what Sun Microsystems has done with Solaris? Don't count on it.


Hewlett-Packard updates HP-UX every two or three years, and the next release, HP-UX 11i version 3, is scheduled for the end of this year. Like IBM, HP is emphasizing improved security and high availability. HP-UX 11i v3 will offer extended virtual-view and partition-management capabilities and improved support for storage area networks.

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