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Hollow Victory for the Java Faithful

Marking a rare win for Sun Microsystems in its battle with Redmond, a federal judge ruled late last month that Microsoft would have to include Sun's version of the Java Virtual Machine in future shipments of Internet Explorer. The ruling may be overturned on appeal,

but even if it stands, it probably amounts to nothing more than a feel-good victory for the ABM (anyone but Microsoft) crowd.

Microsoft did the damage when it decided to deviate from the Java specification and write its warped version of a JVM. The company's aversion to Java has resulted in Java being largely ignored when an application or Web site is designed for the general populace.

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Java has grown to be a favorite as a server-side application-implementation language. For all of Microsoft's apparent dislike of Java as a language, the recent reappearance of Java, I mean C#, within the .Net framework indicates that the real source of irritation was simply that Microsoft could not control and manipulate the Java spec as it does other standards and specifications.

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