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Hitachi Rolls More Thunder

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) jumped into the high end of the midrange storage system market today with an upgrade to its modular Thunder series (see Hitachi Boasts New Thunder). And unlike past Thunder rollouts, Hitachi included upgraded software this time but failed to follow one profitable trend by leaving out SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) drive support.

The new Hitachi Thunder 9585V scales to 64 TBytes and becomes the high end of the Thunder range, which is smaller than the vendor's high-end Lightning products. Hitachi slots the new system above the 9580V announced last fall that had been at the top of the Thunder line (see LuXcommunications Picks Comverse).

Hitachi positions the system as a direct competitor to the Clariion CX700 from EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) and the FastT 900 from IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM).

Indeed, the new Thunder comes three months after EMC upgraded the Clariion as part of an entire hardware refresh, and months ahead of IBMs anticipated storage system rollout (see EMC Hits Hardware Refresh and EMC Earnings Up).

With the new Thunder 9585V, Hitachi has improved sequential read/write performance by tightening the microcode and adding cache to boost response times for transaction processing, database applications, rich media content, and disk-to-disk backup. And Hitachi has fully integrated storage resource management software from AppIQ Corp. (see AppIQ Tackles Provisioning and HDS Expands Software, Services).

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