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Hitachi Rerolls CAS

HDS has revamped its content-addressable storage (CAS) platform, adding scaleability, de-duplication, and enhanced security in a swipe at EMC's Centera and a bid to attract integrators and resellers. (See HDS Releases Revamped CAS.)

The new Hitachi Content Archive Platform Version 2.0 (HCAP 2.0) is the first re-release of the technology HDS acquired with the purchase of Archivas back in February. (See Hitachi Pockets Archivas.) It is now offered as both a standalone unit with integrated storage or as a diskless appliance that works with a range of external HDS arrays, including the vendor's WMS100; AMS200, AMS500, and AMS1000; NSC-55; and recently announced Universal Storage Platform V (USP V) systems. (See Hitachi Bulks Up.)

To support third-party storage, users must attach an HCAP unit to one of the vendor's new USP Vs.

This approach of decoupling CAS server and actual storage is key to addressing the need for unstructured CAS. And by supporting the new HDS platforms, HDS hopes to up the ante against competitors like EMC.

"We disaggregate servers and storage as part of archived solutions... This is our foray into the world of unstructured content," says Asim Zaheer, HDS senior director of business development, content archiving.

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