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Hitachi Integrates Networking Subsidiary

TOKYO -- Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT)(TOKYO:6501) today announced that it has decided to merge wholly-owned subsidiary Hitachi Communication Technologies, Ltd. on July 1, 2009.

This merger is geared toward strengthening Hitachis value proposition, technological and system integration capabilities relating to Next Generation Networks (NGNs). Hitachi has positioned this area as a key focus of its Social Innovation Business and believes future growth can be realized by bringing together the related businesses of both companies. Hitachi provides solutions and services, including IP networks and video distribution systems for communications carriers, while Hitachi Communication Technologies excels in highly reliable, high-speed and large-capacity processing technologies, namely telephone exchange equipment, mobile phone base stations and other mobile products, and optical networking products. Leveraging the expertise in building large-scale systems for social infrastructure that Hitachi has gained in power systems, transportation systems and other areas will allow the company to comprehensively provide solutions, services and products that are safe, secure, highly reliable and unmatched.

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