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A Hex On You

5:00 PM -- If it were a TV series, we'd be tempted to characterize it as "CSI: Miami Meets Storage Networking."

Sexy, huh?

We're talking about the advent of the discipline within storage known as net forensics -- dissecting hard drives after crashes or disruptions to recover whatever data can be had, or just to understand why a good drive went bad (age, virus, FedEx, dog bite, etc.).

Such forensic tools are the latest subject that our guest columnist, Fred Langa, tackles with his usual authoritative clarity. Langa's column, which appears courtesy of Information Week, dives into the complex subject of "hex editors," also known as disk editors, sector editors, or programmers' editors.

Hexadecimal notation, a base-16 programming language (0-9, a-f), if you must know, was introduced by Bendix in 1956 and later embellished by IBM. Click here for more info, or better yet, go right to Langa's article: Langa Letter: File & Disk Tools.

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