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Having ridden this rough-hewn road...

Well, the Storage Security review is about done, and as an overview of what you can do to protect your sensitive information, we feel it will give you all that you need and more.

In the course of this review, we broke the products into three different categories - File and Disk Encryption, Database Encryption, and Architecture protection (only FC switches went in this category).

You'll be pleased by the breadth of solutions available to you, but we felt that the amount of storage-specific knowledge required by the security staff was a little high.

Call it market maturity. We're pretty certain that as the storage security vendors better understand the security staff, this type of issue will not be as prevalent. Until then, keep your storage staff nearby to tell the security officer exactly which host WWNs need access to which storage WWNs.

What's next? I've got a blade server from 3UP systems in my lab, shipped with Rasilent System's RASTOR 4000 storage blade system. Both of these products are in to support a review of 3UP's new Upsite management software, but to me, a humble geek reviewer, they are toys. I've been staying away from them for the past 10 days to try and finish up the Storage Security review, but now I can go play with them. Expect to hear more on this topic soon.