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Hate The Vista Hype? How To Stay Happy With Windows XP

When Windows Vista is released, the computing world will change forever, leading to a PC-based Nirvana in which system crashes are a thing of the past, productivity magically skyrockets, and a new era of world peace is ushered in.

Bah, humbug!

The curmudgeons of this world know that every new operating system brings with it at least much hype as benefits, and more often than not means spending lots of money in pursuit of the ever-elusive goal of making life at the keyboard perfect. And so they'd rather fight than switch.

Stay Happy With XP

•  XP Support Timing

•  Don't Switch, Save Money

•  Software And Hardware Concerns

•  Vista Features Lost -- And Found

This article is for them -- and for anyone who is considering staying with the old standby, XP, rather than switching to Vista. We want to help you get more out of XP as long as it lasts. We'll even show you how to get some of Vista's much-talked-about new features on XP right now.

So put your wallet away -- you won't need it just yet.

When Will Support For XP End?

At some point, Microsoft will stop supporting XP, which means no new patches and security updates. When will that be?

That depends on what you mean by the word "support" and which version of XP you're using. Microsoft has two kinds of support for operating systems: mainstream and extended. Mainstream support means that Microsoft sends out security updates and non-security hotfixes, adds new features, and offers paid telephone support.

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