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Grid Startup Grabs $3 Million

Grid startup ActiveGrid today announced that it has raked in $3 million in Series A funding, and the company is taking a unique approach to its first product launch.

The funds will be used to rollout the companys flagship software, Grid Application Server, which is being targeted at Fortune 1000 firms doing transaction-intensive work on their corporate grids.

And, at least initially, the software will be free. Yes, that’s right -- the basic version of Grid Application Server, due to be launched in January, is open source. This could be a shrewd move by the San Francisco-based vendor as it strives to win developers onto the platform and build a solid user base.

Filthy lucre can wait, but not forever, according to Jeff Veis, ActiveGrid’s vice president of marketing. A higher-end version of the software with special features for transaction processing will be commercially available in the second quarter of next year, he says.

From their offices behind Pacific Bell Park, ActiveGrid has got some serious open source plans for its baby. The San Franciscans will be running their software on the LAMP Web development platform. LAMP, which has been growing in popularity for grid computing, is essentially an open source platform based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and the PHP-programming language.

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